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Posted by Ari Koufos on 2/11/2020

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You may be surprised to learn just how much a little DIY storage bench in your entryway can save you in time and money. Storage benches offer children a place to sit while they remove snowy or muddy shoes. That's less time spent mopping your kitchen or steam-cleaning the carpets. 

Save hardwoods from years of damage and wear.

On top of that, a bench can double as storage. Never again will you be racing around your home trying to find your mittens, scarves, rain boots and other outdoor essentials on your way out the door. It's now all in one convenient place. 

You can even store backpacks and lunch bags on the weekend -- whatever makes sense for your family.

You might think that making an entryway storage bench is complicated. But we'll show you the easy way to build your bench in less than a day.

What you'll need

*Pro tip* Borrow tools that you may never use again before buying. If you find you want to take on more new projects, you can buy one then.

  • 18-gauge nail gun
  • Miter saw
  • Framing square
  • Pneumatic framing gun
  • Hammer drill for concrete/brick or regular drill
  • Circular saw
  • 6 3/4" plywood
  • 8 2x4" boards
  • 3" strap hinges
  • 3" concrete screws or regular screws
  • 6 1x4" boards
  • Wood screws
  • How to build a DIY storage bench for your entryway

    Here's your guide.

    Gather materials & supplies

    The amount of material varies by the bench size you choose the make. Be sure to measure twice and cut once so that everything fits perfectly.

    Frame your bench

    Your frame becomes your guide for the project. Cut your 2X4's the desired length of the bench. Then cut more for the height. Find the studs. And use that hammer drill to attach the 2X4s to the back wall. Build out from there.

    Construct the front and sides

    Now build around your frame, using your plywood. Be careful with any tools you use. Just take your time to get it right. 

    Add the hinges

    Measure and drill for your hinges. Then simply screw them in. 

    Place the lid on the ground and drill holes for hinge screws. Then connect the top to the other side of the hinge with screws. You might need a partner hold the lid steady while you to screw in the lid.

    Add your finish of choice

    You can stop with a basic box. But while you're at it, it won't take much more effort to add some trim and paint it. Then place some hooks above for coats and backpacks.

    And now, you have a beautiful DIY storage bench. For more helpful tips on home maintenance and improvement, follow our blog.

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    Posted by Ari Koufos on 9/6/2016

    If you like to garden, chances are that you have invested quite a bit of money in tools to make your gardening easier. Now that winter is nearing, itís time to think of storing those garden gadgets away. Donít just throw them into a pile, or worse, leave them lying around the garden area. (You donít do that, do you?) They served you well during the growing season, right? Donít they deserve a little cleaning up and organizing? But seriously, folks, if you donít clean and wipe the garden debris away, the metal part will rust and you may not be able to use them next year. It also makes you feel good that you are so organized and neat. Wash and dry the smaller tools in soapy water. Then moisten a rag with linseed oil and wipe the metal parts down. After you are satisfied that they are in good shape, arrange them neatly in a storage area. A pegboard hung on the wall or a canvas shoebag is a great way of keeping the smaller tools neatly stored. When spring finally arrives, you are ready to take your gardening tools out and start the process all over again. You will be glad you took the time last fall to set things up for an easy start to the next planting season.

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